Under the Red Moon

The Feast of Beasts.

An unusual proposal.

Before leaving Jonstown, the heroes are counselled by Minaryth Purple about the The Eye of the Halfbird and why Tatius the Bright would go to such lengths to acquire it. It seems that it could greatly help Lunar heroquesters when they travel to the Otherworld. The heroes must ensure that it does not fall into their hands.

During their journey back to the Orlmarth tula, the heroes meet an Elurae, a shapeshifting Fox woman who tells them her name is Too Clever. She seems to take a shine to Finn and after extorting food from the heroes tells them that “the big Greydog seeks to marry the sweet green girl”. This is an ill omen as the Greydog clan are ancestral enemies of the Orlmarth.

After updating their chief Gordangar Kenstrelsson and the clan elders on their adventures, the heroes return to the stead to catch up on all that farm work they’ve missed.

Two weeks later it is time for the festival celebrating the new vintage at the Clearwine Earth temple, usually known as the Feast of Beasts, as many Beastmen attend. Gordangar Kenstrelsson entrusts the heroes to ensure his son Ordo Gordangarsson does not get into any trouble.

The Clearwine festival is a hugely important festival with thousands of people from all the clans of the Colymar tribe attending. The rituals and prayers from so many worshippers cause the temple grounds to merge with the Gods world and great Ernalda, Flamal, father of plants and many lesser deities walk amongst the mortals.

Amidst the festivities our heroes find themselves seated near members of the Greydog tribe, led by Branduan Hodirson,Polgo Hoarfoot, mayor of Quackford and Ernalsulva Entariosdottir. As the festivities continue, Esra, meets the goddess Kev again. Kev grants Esra a vision of the future that will come to pass if Branduan marries Ernalsulva, a future that will involve the destruction of the Orlmarth clan.

Ordo Gordangarsson consumes far too much of the new clearwine and becomes infatuated with Ernalsulva and it is clear that Branduan Hodirson is also besotted with her. To stop Ordo getting himself in trouble, Daranestra initiates a traditional challenge to Ernalsulva and is surrounded by the hero-light. Orlanth obviously approves and Ernalsulva, although taken aback, responds by issuing Ernaldas challenge, traditionally three impossible tasks. As a member of the cult of Vinga, Daranestra is considered male for ceremonial purposes and can accept the challenge.

Branduan Hodirson is incensed by this, he feels Ernalsulva was promised to him and he prepares to attack. Skillful peacemaking by Esra averts catastrophe and when everyone is calm, Ernalsulva issues her first challenge, to return to her the hands of her father, King Hofstaring Treeleaper.

After the festival winds down, the heroes return to Orlmarth lands, but not before being summoned before their king, Kangharl Kagrudsson. The king is impressed by the poetry of Daranestra and pledges modest support to the heroes. It is fortunate indeed that the King does not realise that it was our heroes that stymied the plan to loot the pawnshop of Gringle Goodsell

The heroes now await the Orlmarth clan moot, to petition the clan for its support in their quest. All clues suggest they will find the hands in Boldhome, the capital city of Sartar and seat of the Lunar provincial government.


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