Under the Red Moon

The Duel at the House of Death.

In the home of the bold.

The heroes wait for the next clan moot where they plan to ask for support in the quest for the Red Hands. Before the moot Esra is struck by a wave of nausea that eventually leads her and Daranestra to some infant, chaotic broo. The broo attack and are quickly dispatched by Daranestra. This is an ill omen as broo have not been seen on the clan lands for many years.

At the moot, the heroes manage to win support for their quest, despite the urgings of a rival bloodline and set off, via Jonstown to Boldhome, the capital city of Sartar. While passing through Jonstown, they confer with Minaryth Purple about the The Eye of the Halfbird, but find little extra information.

After leaving Jonstown, the heroes meet up with the caravan of Joh Mith and travel onto Boldhome with him. Joh helps them avoid any gate tax when they enter the city.

All members of the Colymar tribe are welcomed at the Black spear manor and the thane of the manor, Farnan Ernaldor tells the heroes that they should seek out Old Andrin for more information about the Red Hands.

While travelling around the city, searching for Old Andrin, the heroes catch sight of their enemy from Apple Lane, Erianda the Red travelling to the palace with some Lunar sorcerers. (On their way to Jonstown, the heroes saw that Apple Lane had been burnt to the ground since they had seen it last.)

Eventually, the heroes find their way to Geo’s pocket carved into one of the cliff faces that surround the city. At Geo’s inn, they find Old Andrin and he recounts the tale of Starbrows rebellion and how Lunar treachery took Hofstaring Treeleaper’s hands. Apparently, Prince Temertain now has the hands and displays them every year at a banquet to celebrate the defeat of the rebellion.

While the heroes listen to the end of the story, Branduan Hodirson and his fellow Greydog clan members enter the inn and challenge Daranestra to a duel. She accepts the challenge and the duel is set for Lawstaff day, one week hence at the temple of The Household of Death.

While waiting for Lawstaff day to come around, Finn finds an abandoned Storm Bull temple high on a cliff. Upon investigation, his shield-man, Orel, is possessed by a spirit that calls itself Orgwaha. They beat a hasty retreat.

The day of the duel comes around and sacrifices are made at the temple. Only Branduan and Daranestra will fight and many spectators from the Colymar and Lismelder tribes attend. After the priests of Humakt complete their rituals, the temple grounds begin to shift into the Otherworld and both the Gods Orlanth and Humakt can be sensed to be watching.

Daranestra wins the duel, but does not deliver a killing blow to Branduan. While the spectators separate the duellists, a cohort of Lunar soldiers arrive to arrest anyone violating the Princes edict banning duels.

Escorted to the palace by heavily armed soldiers, the heroes are dragged before Fazzur Wideread, Prince Temertain and Estal Donge. Asked to explain their actions and why they violated the princes edict, Esra succeeds in mollifying Temertain and Farnan Ernaldor helps diplomatically. Suitably flattered and impressed, Temertain insists that the heroes remain as his guests in the palace. There will have to be a petition in court tomorrow, but that should just be a formality. Fazzurs low regard for Temertain can be easily discerned and Estal seems rather interested in Finn.


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