Under the Red Moon

Return to Apple Lane. Part two.

In which our heroes guide an old man to safety.

The thugs working for Darsten Black Oak and Erianda the Red launch an attack on the pawnshop while their employers hang back. Fin and Dara quickly cut down the first few attackers with assistance from Quackjohn and Eighty-Eyes. Esra and Angor ‘Red’ Rudsson keep the rear of the shop secure. Once their underlings break and run, Darsten and Erianda head back to Runegate to acquire some Lunar regular soldiers.

In the aftermath of the fight, it is decided that Gringle Goodsell will have to leave town and he employs our heroes to escort him to Quackford where he can take a riverboat south to the city of Nochet. He agrees to pay the heroes with one of his magical treasures. Piku Gastapakis the blacksmith asks the heroes if their clan would offer him and his family shelter in return for his services and they agree to ask the clan.

Everyone leaves the next day and the party travels south to Quackford, stopping at the stead of Asborn Thriceborn and then Old man village, home of the heroes. Piku stays at the heroes stead while they continue to escort Gringle. Polgo Hoarfoot, mayor of Quackford negotiates passage for Gringle and his associates south. Before leaving, Gringle offers the heroes a second of his magical treasures to take the Lead grimoire to his old friend, Minaryth Purple.

The heroes return home, stopping off at the clan village to argue that Piku should be welcomed in the clan. This was successful but Piku had to give up his beloved goats, a taboo animal to the Orlanthii.

A few days later, the heroes arrive in Jonstown to meet Minaryth, but before they can do so they are approached by Redbird, who tries to purchase the Lead Grimoire from them. After they refuse to sell it, an attempt is made to steal it later that night. The next day, they present the grimoire to Minaryth who is extremely impressed by it.

We leave our heroes in the city of Jonstown. They now possess two magical treasures, the Eye of the Halfbird and an Iron Cardinals egg. It is probable that one of these treasures was the reason for the original plot against Gringle.


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