Under the Red Moon

Return to Apple Lane. Part one.

Protecting the honour of the clan. Sea season 1618,

The heroes are dispatched to Apple Lane by their chief, Gordangar Kenstrelsson, they are to warn Gringle Goodsell of the plot to rob him. Apparently the king, Kangharl Kagrudsson has agreed to outlaw Gringle to please his Lunar advisors. This will break the oath of Gordangars father and dishonour the clan.

While enroute, the heroes encounter a mysterious band of Dragonewts carrying out one of their incomprehensible magical ceremonies and they spend the night at the stead of Asborn Thriceborn after accepting his hospitality.

The heroes meet with Gringle and after some discussion it is agreed that the Lunars seek to relieve him of the last magical treasures in his possession. They also meet a mysterious blacksmith, Piku Gastapakis.

While the players dither, Darsten Black Oak and Erianda the Red arrive in Apple Lane with ten thugs and trap the heroes inside Gringles pawnshop.

Erianda murders the thane of Apple Lane and commands ‘Kill them all and burn the place down.’


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